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This DW was supposed to be a kind of replacement for Typepad and a place to post backups of my fics, but I like it here so much that it's becoming a second place where I just cross-post everything :p So it's really more of an LJ-replacement, since I post stuff here that I don't even post on LJ these days >_>

Anyway, the Sarah Monette thing. After The Bone Key I read Somewhere Beneath Those Waves and I'm really in love with her writing (it inspired the last Juntoshi I wrote, although a few other books and a movie went into that fic too). I really want to read her Doctrine of Labyrinths series, but they're out of print, so I kinda begged Kit to help me order them through AbeBooks, and now I can't wait for them to arrive. Once I'm done with those I'll get started on her collaboration with Elizabeth Bear, although book 1 and 2 were published so far apart from each other that I'm scared to get into that particular trilogy until the third book is out. I don't want it to be like Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief books, where it's a long, long, long wait for the next one to be out. (The gap between book two and three was, what, five/six years?)

So. I'm kind of obsessed with Sarah Monette right now, in that where has she been all my life?? kind of way. I bought a second copy of The Bone Key to give to Kit. I think for Daphne's birthday this month I'll get her Somewhere Beneath Those Waves.

I'm trying to slowly flatten my "misery tower" (or tower of misery), which is what I call the stack of books piling on my office desk waiting to be bought. Since I'm going to be really, really broke (dental surgery. my insurance covers it not.) I had to put back all the gender studies books that I had wanted for the paper I was planning to write (now I'm even thinking of withdrawing from my course, I need the extra time to take on part-time jobs) and I kept only the books I couldn't put back in the sales floor, which were either personal orders or signed copies:

+ Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia's caster chronicles - three books.(I've read them when I was in Singapore, courtesy of their awesome, awesome library. Got copies signed when M. Stohl came to the store, but have yet to buy them.)

+ BokuImo photo book. (personal order)

+ Majou no Takkyubin, children's book. (personal order)

+ Shannon Hale's Forest Born, special edition. (With Allison Jay illustrated covers. personal order.)

+ Nihon Rettou photo book. (personal order.)

+ Sonny Liew's Malinky Robot. (It was buried under a stack of catalogues and I forgot to buy it when I was supposed to. Signed copy.)

I have to get these all by the end of May. What makes it difficult is that April's our anniversary promotion, and so many books I want, including Roland Barthes' Mythologies, will be 25% off. (T_T)

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I don't really make a habit of buying non-Sho (or the occasional Jun) magazines, since there's only so much money to go around :p But in the case of Aiba's new M Girl photo shoot, I just could not resist the pretty *_*


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