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「幸せはいつも自分の心が決める」 - 相田みつを

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Birthdate:Oct 5
Location:Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia
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marineko, n.
zinester, bookseller, mix-cd maker, voracious reader, geek, cat lover, fanfic writer, Arashian, popfan.

about this journal
for now, it's for Arashi-related fangirling purposes, only. but i may or may not talk about other stuff whenever i feel like it. for my actual personal journal, visit my livejournal. and for book-related rants, see my blogspot. i will cross-post my fanfiction and typepad to this journal, probably, and will slowly work on importing contents from those two journals to this DW.

about my fanfiction
tbh i'm quite envious of fanfic writers who seem confident of their work, because i'm not. at all. but i also enjoy writing them, and it seems like there are a few people who enjoy reading them, so i tell myself that it's okay. i do have a penchant for melodrama and cheese and i'll probably use all sorts of cliches, because if i can't do that in fanfiction, then when? (i also write regular stories now and then, which are very different from my fanfics, haha) BUT. i truly do appreciate concrit, because i realise that it's the only way i could improve.

about my typepad posts
since i'm cross-posting from my typepad, i suppose i should say something about this. a lot of people in the fandom flail over the new stuff. i'm a relatively new fan, so i still have a lot of catching up to do, and i tend to be late in watching the newer stuff anyway. so the typepad is where i flail over all the out-of-date things ^^;

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absolutely nothing, aiba masaki, aiha higurashi, all over me, andrew lang, ani difranco, arashi, art-school, arthur rackham, autumn leaves, back to the future, being infinite, belle and sebastian, biblioholism, bikini kill, blowing bubbles, blythe, books, bookselling, bookstores, buffy the vampire slayer, bump of chicken, but i'm a cheerleader, camera obscura, carnivals, cat power, cats, cecil castellucci, charles de lint, charles perrault, charles vess, cibo matto, cowboy bebop, creative writing, cupcakes, daria, david levithan, dead poets society, dear nora, diana wynne jones, dir en grey, dream for an insomniac, empire records, fairy tales, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, fiona apple, firefly, flumpool, folklore, francesca lia block, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, galaxy quest, gay pride, genderfuck, ghost world, girls, grimm brothers, hans christian andersen, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, heather lynn, heavenly, honey & clover, jack zipes, jasmine flowers, jem and the holograms, john green, john lennon, julie ruin, kiki's delivery service, kings of convenience, kinuko y. craft, kuala lumpur, le tigre, literary criticism, lomography, loud guitars, madeleine l'engle, maria tatar, math and physics club, matsumoto jun, megan whalen turner, miho hatori, mix tapes, moleskine, music, my neighbor totoro, mythic fiction, mythology, neil gaiman, news zero, ninomiya kazunari, oceans, ohno satoshi, once upon a time, oscar wilde, paradise kiss, personal essays, philosophy, pirates, pixies, poppy z. brite, pretty in pink, rasputina, reading, riot grrrl, robin mckinley, rose melberg, sakurai sho, sarah monette, sci-fi, science fiction, sleater-kinney, snail mail, spitz, steampunk, stephen chbosky, superfairyanimal zine, tackey & tsubasa, tegan and sara, terri windling, the beatles, the breakfast club, the capricorns, the clash, the field mice, the last unicorn, the murmurs, the pillows, the smiths, the softies, tori amos, tsuji ayano, tullycraft, twee, uh huh her, unicorns, ursula k. le guin, velvet goldmine, velvet underground, weaver, writing, x-ray spex, ya fiction, yazawa ai, zines, スピッツ
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