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Met up with Kishiko and Ono-chan yesterday, and got our tickets from Kishiko!
(Used her address when getting them.)

Had monjya for breakfast at Tsukishima.
Then spent a long, long time at LaLaPort.
Glad to see Kaibutsu-kun is still showing, so we might go and watch it one of these days.
Wanted to get the Kaibutsu-kun keychain, but too expensive so I got the clear file set instead.
At least I actually use those :p

Oh. Then we collected a couple of pamphlets from AU shop.
And Nihon Rettou chirashi for [personal profile] arashic0804 and [ profile] sharksoul24.
(Only a very small Aiba pic on it though.)

Salwa shopped a lot at Uniqlo :D
I got a Snoopy tupperware for Kit at Village Vanguard, since she loves Peanuts and bento-making.

Picking up JR Pass today.
Tomorrow, onwards to Fukuoka!


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Arrived on time last night, yay.
It is cold.
And, umm.

The wifi doesnt seem to work on our floor, so I have to use the public computers in the living room.
First thing in my e-mail last night - Dr. David sending me an article about GLBT zines in Indonesia, saying its just my kind of thing.
Which it is, I guess.
He knows me well. ^^;
Then he asked if I will go to registration this Sunday, for the next semester.
Uh oh.

Going out with Kishiko and Salwa for monjya, then to Lalaport Toyosu.
Kishiko said I would like it.
I wonder why it sounds so familiar.



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I'm going to Japan this Tuesday. I'll be there until the 26th, during which I will probably mostly post here or in my tumblr. Right now I'm just extremely under-prepared, which stresses me out. Trying to finish major deadlines at work (we have to speed up the February issue of Bookmark because of CNY holidays, and I have to prepare the month's BookWeb posts in advance, among other things) and trying to plan the trip at the same time just makes me end up with nothing done. Well, I'm almost done with work, actually - it's the trip that had taken the backseat. >_>

But I'm meeting some old friends and a couple of new ones, and even an ex, maybe. So... it should be fun, right? Right.

...I'm still panicky. Where's that copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide when I need it.
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I don't know what happened to the idea of using this account just for fangirliness, but... well. I promise there will be some fangirling in this post, kind of. XD

So many interesting posts in my reading list, especially this Fandom Snowflake Challenge thing which looks so interesting and tempting but I won't have the time to do it, I keep telling myself. I have the feeling that before I know it, it's going to be February - that's how busy I am. I have so many meetings and deadlines to meet before I leave next week. And my new semester starts in February. I don't know whether to be excited or not, yet. But no matter.

On to the good things, yes? )

Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai )
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I created a dreamwidth account. You know, just in case something happens to LJ.

...what do I do next.


Dec. 6th, 2011 07:25 pm
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Doujinshi bought semi-recently, with the help of Shida. I love the Juntoshi the best; it's so cute <3

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Since we left a lot later than we planned, the line to have lunch at Keikarou was already really long by the time we arrived. It was quite easy to find, though!

We lined up for about a couple of hours when a waitress announced that they were closing for lunch. (T_T) So we left our names for dinner and bought food at a combini.

We went walking around the area since we had about 2 hours before we had to go back. I ended up buying a copy of Family Walker (Nov issue) since Sho's on the cover.

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

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Some official and non- official goods bought today. Oh-chan items are for my sister. Tomorrow I'm going to line up for the pin badge, pen light and my sister's clear file & handphone strap. Got my tickets from Alessia today; if all goes well I'm going to see their concert tomorrow!

Day One, Part Two
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Saw these and more as Yat and I walked through Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Harajuku today. The amount of Arashi fans we saw were unbelievably massive! There were an entire basement full of them @ Lotteria. Con tickets for today and tomorrow being sold for about 80k - 150k yen each.

Day One, Part One

Day One, Part One

Day One, Part One

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Got my copies of Hatenai Sora! Okay, am at the airport now so gtg...

Hatenai Sora LE

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One of the questions asked in our "zine" project was something like, "do you think you spend too much time/money on Arashi?" (Too much affection, too, I think sometimes) And almost everyone answered YES.

I'm a relatively new fan, since I only started considering myself as an "Arashian" very recently, and I've already accumulated way too many things because of them. I even started having a stricter book budget in order to be able to buy Arashi related things! *sighs*


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Cute containers in Arashi colours ^^v

Candy! Also available in all five colours (substituting pink for Jun ^^;)

Yummy food, if I do say so myself XD

We gave away mugs in each participants' ichiban's colour as part of the door gift. These are mine and Salwa's - Sakumoto FTW!

Not mine. I have the 10-11 tour strap, but not the 5x10 one. I really want one...

Zine project... kind of. Instead of doing a proper zine, we made blank booklets (with Arashi-coloured paper inside!) and drew, asked questions, and answered them in each other's booklets.

We also watched the AAA 2008 concert DVD and a whole bunch of Arashi clips & shows, and played Wii the next day.

Next sleepover/fan meet? Probably after my trip to Japan, which means sometime in December? I can't wait already! Although it's tiring, haha.

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Our concert goods order have arrived! Yay! I ordered the t-shirt, tote bag, phone strap and pins. I plan to buy the uchiwa, pen light and clear files when I'm in Japan this November. (^_^)


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I participated in the K no Arashi fan project in LJ, where we were supposed to send postcards to Arashi in hopes that they would notice that they have loads of international fans (or rather, to give our own opinions on how we think Arashi would react if they found out how many fans they had?). I sent my mail sometime ago (should be arriving around 14th or 15th), but haven't posted any pictures yet. This pic shows postcards I sent (the green ones), as well as those sent by my housemates (Shida & Nicole) and my sister.


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Since the 31st is a public holiday here, we celebrated on the 31st instead of on the 30th. It was my first fan gathering, and was definitely an interesting experience! Soooo many MatsuJun fans XD





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