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This is very possibly my favourite PV Making, even though it had more Q&A parts than actual member interaction. Sakuraiba is cute here, and Aiba is really cute in particular, but Juntoshi totally stole my heart in this making!

Favourite moments: 1. Aiba not remembering how many singles they've released. 2. Aiba making a mistake about where he was running to - he thought since it's for Freeter (who, as you may know, "buys a house"), he's going towards a "house", or a "home" (「千葉?」) when he was supposed to be thinking that he's walking towards the future. 3. I like what Jun said about how it's not about whether you can or can't make all the people (the fans) happy, although it's good if you can; the important thing is the desire to do so, to do what one could. 4. And of course all the Juntoshi going on! Even Sakuraiba takes a backseat to the Juntoshi in this making, for me.

And for some reason it's only when I watched the making that I realised that the "walls" that surrounded them was covered with closed doors - so the idea is that when it seems like all the doors are closed on you, the sky is still there? Or something like that? Haha. Anyway, they should have stuck with the pretty blue walls/doors instead of making everything dark. 

Conclusion: I heart their PV Makings.





[video credit: sinomerz/ANJ]

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I really like  Love Rainbow's PV Making! Sure, my favourite PV Makings will probably be Troublemaker and Monster because of the Sakuraiba love, and there is practically zero Sakuraiba interaction here (Sho, what did you do to Aiba? He's totally ignoring you!). But when Sakuraiba's away, other pairings will come out to play XD


 [video credit: ANJ]

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