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Left very early for con goods today. Around 6am. Thought we were early, since the booths open at 10am, but the bus to Yahoo Dome was chock full of Arashians. And the line was already up to 1/3 of the Dome. By the time we got out of the goods area, it was 10:30am, and the line had gone all around the Dome, down the stairs, and into the parking lot.

We were hungry and searching for food, and when I saw the sign that there's a McDonalds nearby I had a craving for it, so we went a-hunting, following the signs until we reached it. It was way too packed and we couldn't find a seat, but we exited it through the mall where there's a supermarket and a pharmacy, and they were completely covered with Arashi advertisements! A long, long photo-taking session ensued. Thankfully the fangirls here are very nice and let everyone take turns :)

I was tempted by all the stuff sold there, but in the end I just bought two boxes of the petite chocolate biscuits that Ohno advertised with Nakama Yukie. Got a free phone strap of the Marie biscuit from that purchase.

After lunch, we decided to find the Johnny's shop. Followed the directions that I found on this site, bearing in mind that it was from 2009 ^^; We did find it, despite the fact that a couple of the landmarks mentioned weren't there anymore, including the big Mandarake - which is now a medical centre.

The line to enter the shop, as expected on concert dates (it was the 14th after all), was incredible. Still, it didn't seem as bad as Harajuku, because they had better crowd control and so once we were in we didn't have to strain so much to look at the pictures. I entered only wanting to get about 6-10 pictures, and ended up with about 36, including pics bought for my sister, colleague, etc. Besides the Arashi stuff I got three Yoko pics for myself ♥

That was pretty much the end of the Arashi part of the trip; afterwards we went walking around Hakata, crossing by about three different wards until we reached Canal City, where we shopped at Muji before walking to Gion and taking a train back to Hakata Station from there. There was a sale at Muji where the 2012 diaries are about 100yen, so I bought a couple for my colleagues.

lots of pics )
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Met up with Kishiko and Ono-chan yesterday, and got our tickets from Kishiko!
(Used her address when getting them.)

Had monjya for breakfast at Tsukishima.
Then spent a long, long time at LaLaPort.
Glad to see Kaibutsu-kun is still showing, so we might go and watch it one of these days.
Wanted to get the Kaibutsu-kun keychain, but too expensive so I got the clear file set instead.
At least I actually use those :p

Oh. Then we collected a couple of pamphlets from AU shop.
And Nihon Rettou chirashi for [personal profile] arashic0804 and [ profile] sharksoul24.
(Only a very small Aiba pic on it though.)

Salwa shopped a lot at Uniqlo :D
I got a Snoopy tupperware for Kit at Village Vanguard, since she loves Peanuts and bento-making.

Picking up JR Pass today.
Tomorrow, onwards to Fukuoka!


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Arrived on time last night, yay.
It is cold.
And, umm.

The wifi doesnt seem to work on our floor, so I have to use the public computers in the living room.
First thing in my e-mail last night - Dr. David sending me an article about GLBT zines in Indonesia, saying its just my kind of thing.
Which it is, I guess.
He knows me well. ^^;
Then he asked if I will go to registration this Sunday, for the next semester.
Uh oh.

Going out with Kishiko and Salwa for monjya, then to Lalaport Toyosu.
Kishiko said I would like it.
I wonder why it sounds so familiar.



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I'm going to Japan this Tuesday. I'll be there until the 26th, during which I will probably mostly post here or in my tumblr. Right now I'm just extremely under-prepared, which stresses me out. Trying to finish major deadlines at work (we have to speed up the February issue of Bookmark because of CNY holidays, and I have to prepare the month's BookWeb posts in advance, among other things) and trying to plan the trip at the same time just makes me end up with nothing done. Well, I'm almost done with work, actually - it's the trip that had taken the backseat. >_>

But I'm meeting some old friends and a couple of new ones, and even an ex, maybe. So... it should be fun, right? Right.

...I'm still panicky. Where's that copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide when I need it.
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I don't know what happened to the idea of using this account just for fangirliness, but... well. I promise there will be some fangirling in this post, kind of. XD

So many interesting posts in my reading list, especially this Fandom Snowflake Challenge thing which looks so interesting and tempting but I won't have the time to do it, I keep telling myself. I have the feeling that before I know it, it's going to be February - that's how busy I am. I have so many meetings and deadlines to meet before I leave next week. And my new semester starts in February. I don't know whether to be excited or not, yet. But no matter.

On to the good things, yes? )

Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai )
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Since we have yet to celebrate Aiba's birthday (somehow Christmas ended up with us making other plans), and wanted to watch Kouhaku together anyway, we decided to combine the two this year :)

Syiena and Hana arrived around 4, and we watched Himitsu (the latest Mannequin Five SP) while we waited for the rest, and I finished up my year-end posts. Usually when it comes to gatherings of course life gets in the way and there would be last-minute cancellations, but this time everyone who said they were coming managed to make it!

More! +Photos )
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I haven't actually written an intro, but I was asked to post 10 things about me in a tumblr meme, so I figured I'd use that as my intro.

First of all, my name's Marisa, although these days I tell people to call me Mari, partly because it's what a lot of friends call me, and partly because a lot of people I meet for the first time end up calling me Melissa, which I do not like. So, Mari it is!

On to the 10 things...

1. My official forms all say that I'm "Malay", but in truth I am Afghan/Bengali/Chinese/Bugis.

2. I kind of started to write Arashi fanfic BEFORE I became an Arashian - or rather, writing the fanfic made me get into Arashi.

3. I am extremely, extremely anal about where I put my books and CDs, and how they're arranged.

4. Despite #3, I'm actually a very messy, disorganised person.

5. I hate abrupt changes and surprises can make be uneasy.

6. Every time I enter a public washroom, I have to clean it first before using it. -_-

7. I think I have 300+ unread books at home, but it doesn't make me stop buying new ones. Sometimes I still think I don't have anything to read :P

8. I honestly do not understand people who like Angel (the TV series) but never watched Buffy. I love Angel, but still. It's like ordering a burger set and then only eating the salad.

9. I've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

10. I'm a bookseller, and I love my job, even though it's getting so overwhelming these days that I'm seriously considering a change.
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Merry Christmas to everyone!

I've been thinking about this account and what I'd like to do with it. Shall it just be a replica of my LJ, I asked myself, or shall it be exclusively for fangirling? I do most of my fangirling on typepad, and while the fandom friends on LJ wouldn't mind me cross-posting those, I have a lot of non-fandom friends on LJ, so I don't. And I try not to talk about Arashi too much on my personal LJ, while I talk about my personal life, and books, a lot. (And I also have a locked tumblr for the very personal stuff). So. I think for my dreamwidth, it'll be for fandom/flailing purposes ^^ Typepad posts might get cross-posted here, and fics, too. And all the random flaily stuff.
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I created a dreamwidth account. You know, just in case something happens to LJ.

...what do I do next.
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The second of what may be an annual sleepover? This year we're celebrating Arashi's 5x12 anniversary as well as MatsuJun's belated birthday, since his birthday happened on Eid (Hari Raya) and we couldn't celebrate back then. This year is a lot more laid back than last year, with minimal planning (since there wasn't enough time to plan) - we started off watching various variety shows and played a sugoroku game that my sister helped me prepare. It's kind of funny because we used my D&D miniatures for our tokens, and our batsu games were kind of silly. Also we had a very interesting answer from Fatin when she landed on the "if two members starred in a drama together, who would it be and what would the drama be about?" square. Her drama would be a love story, a tearjerker, and a comedy, if it ever became real. ^^


We then started on Gantz Perfect Answer, which many of us haven't seen, since it was dropped by our cinemas. (-_-) There was lots of flailing (and snorts of disbelief) over Nino, and discussions about our dissatisfaction with the ending. When it was over we headed down to Hana's for a visit, since she couldn't come, and went out to get desserts from Snowflake on our way back, which we enjoyed while watching the Matsumiya x Becky episode of HnA. It was quite late by then, but Salwa took out some mags and we poured over them, just spazzing and discussing about who looked the best when. I had to wake early so I turned in early (around 1am), but the rest started to watch more vids after.


The next morning (today!) we naturally continued flailing over breakfast, watching older videos and exchanging things from our HDs. We finally took out the cake and had it as our second breakfast ^^;; - then we started watching the 5x10 concert, up until the last song (5x10, before the encore starts.)

There hadn't been time to prepare much, and I'm trying to save right now so I can't splurge much on the gathering, but I made a 2 mix-CDs with completely different songs, and everyone got to choose which one they wanted.


To everyone who came, thank you for coming, and hope to see you guys again soon! (Hopefully we'll do something for Oh-chan's birthday this year, since last year I wasn't in KL during that time.)

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My brother came back from Sapporo a couple of months ago, but then he was in Singapore (where he lives) and went to Brussels and last weekend he finally came down to Malacca where he passed me these! (And BUMP OF CHICKEN's smile single, which, if I ever get my assignments done, I will translate and post in my LJ <3) An early birthday present, he said. Technically he still owes me Wii Sports Resort from my last birthday, but with such great gifts as these, who's counting? ^^

Now the only album I'm missing is the obvious one (Arashi No. 1 Ichigou..), so I'm starting to collect the singles.

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Second to last day here. Tomorrow I'm meeting friends, so today's really the last of my Arashi related posts from here.

Shi-chan and I went to JFC and only just missed Arashi's video message, so we stuck around for a little more than half an hour to wait for it to play again. It was fun watching the other vids too, especially by Tackey & Tsubasa and Kanjani8. Speaking of K8, two of our friends went to Ichikawa to get their concert goods, and they're so much nicer than the Arashi con goods. Now I really want a K8 tote bag...

After JFC we went to Tower Records since I wanted to pick up Mr. Children's new album, and after that we had lunch at Yoyogi Park before heading to Ikebukuro for doujinshi shopping at Mandarake. Didn't find any Sakuraiba I'm interested in, but my Sakumoto find was perfect!

Day 12 - Johnny's Family Club, Mandarake

Day 12 - Johnny's Family Club, Mandarake

Day 12 - Johnny's Family Club, Mandarake

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Really I went to Asakusa because I used to live at Kappabashi-dori and I wanted to see the place again. But after that I went walking to Sensoji, where I saw a shop selling unofficial JE goods. The items sold inside were actually pretty interesting. Pity I'm out of cash now...

Day 10 - Nakamise-dori

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Met up with other Arashi fans very briefly for JE Shop and Takeshita-dori shopping before heading to Meiji-jingo and Akiba. At Meiji-jingu we saw several prayers for Arashi - from fans wishing to meet them, being thankful to have seen them at concert, and/or praying for their success. For some reason it makes me happy to know that their fans love them that much.

In Akiba we got overexcited over the Hitachi flyers. Unfortunately, each person is only allowed to take one, so we weren't able to get extras for friends. I did manage to get an extra pamphlet for Wii Sports Resort for my sister, Illy and Ling Ling though.

Day 9 - JE Shop, Takeshita-dori, Akiba

Day 9 - JE Shop, Takeshita-dori, Akiba

Day 9 - JE Shop, Takeshita-dori, Akiba

Day 9 - JE Shop, Takeshita-dori, Akiba

Day 9 - JE Shop, Takeshita-dori, Akiba

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Nothing much today, I went to Rikugien Garden, Aida Mitsuo Museum, Ebisu Garden Place, and wandered around Shibuya. Here are a couple of Arashi related pics :)

Day 5


Day 5

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Today's outing wasn't supposed to be Arashi related, but it kind of ended up that way. We went to Akiba, after which we headed to Ikebukuro to meet with my friend that I haven't seen in about three years. We shopped at Book Off (mostly manga and CDs for me - Art-School, Bump of Chicken, Spitz, etc.) and dropped by Mandarake. I used to go to the one in Shibuya and Nakano Broadway for Blythe items, but I didn't know that they had idol stuff too! (Well, back then I wasn't really into these stuff after all.)

I ended up getting both volumes of C, D & G no Arashi and Pikanchi, as well as some CDs and doujinshi. Next year I think I must save more for my trip here...

Day 4 - Book Off, Mandarake

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We took a lot of pictures before finally settling down for dinner (not a lot of food that we CAN eat, anyway). After dinner we decided to go back immediately, having basically spent the entire day in Chiba.

Bought keitai straps (one for Illy! Um I kind of forgot that you'd probably want the green one and got a pink one instead, is that okay?) and ended up spending way more than we planned... but. We went to Keikarou! We walked around Aiba's hometown! We saw his mother!

Yes, we lost a day and spent quite a bit, but it was all worth it (^_^).

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 3

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 3

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 3

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 3

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I forgot to mention that while we were waiting for lunch, this really kakkoii lady came and gave everyone some snacks since it was lunch time and we had been waiting for over an hour. She looked a lot like Aiba's but I wasn't expecting his mother to be around, or even to go out and give food to the people standing in line, so we just thanked her.

When we got back and lined up again, waiting for them to call for us, I heard the girl behind us say, "look, it's his mother." We looked in the window and saw that she was pointing at the woman we saw earlier! Ah, so that kakkoii lady was Aiba's mom after all.

Their service was fast, and the food was pretty okay. Maybe because I'm from a place where we have pretty incredible food, so it was hard to be impressed in that area? I'm very impressed with their service and crowd control, though!

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 2

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 2

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 2

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 2

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 2

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Since we left a lot later than we planned, the line to have lunch at Keikarou was already really long by the time we arrived. It was quite easy to find, though!

We lined up for about a couple of hours when a waitress announced that they were closing for lunch. (T_T) So we left our names for dinner and bought food at a combini.

We went walking around the area since we had about 2 hours before we had to go back. I ended up buying a copy of Family Walker (Nov issue) since Sho's on the cover.

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

Day 3 - Keikarou Part 1

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