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DL: MF (33 pages including cover)

to see the photos, you could go to orokanadreamer@tumblr.

bonus!: BUMP's Smile, since I think I've waited long enough to upload this. There's only one track included, no coupling song or secret tracks. This single was released to aid the earthquake relief, and I think it's still available on yesasia, so if you like it please purchase it!

DL: 4shared | MF (mp3)

as usual, please don't re-upload anywhere and comment if taking :)
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DL (320kbps, mp3): 1 | 2
DL Booklet: MF

Track List:
1. 三ツ星カルテット (Mitsuboshi Quartet / "Three Star Quartet")
2. R.I.P.
3. ウェザーリポート ("Weather Report")
4. 分別奮闘記 (Bunbetsu Funtouki / "Chronicles of My Struggles in Separating the Trash")*
5. モーターサイクル ("Motorcycle")
6. 透明飛行船 (Toumei Hikousen / Invisible Airship)
7. 魔法の料理 ~君から君へ~ (Mahou no Ryouri ~Kimi kara Kimi e~ / "Magical Cooking ~From You to You~")
9. 66号線 (66go-sen / "Line No. 66")
10. セントエルモの火 (St Elmo no Hi / "St. Elmo's Fire")**
11. angel fall
12. 宇宙飛行士への手紙 (Uchuu-hikoushi e no Tegami / "Letter to an Astronaut")
13. イノセント ("Innocent")
14. beautiful glider
15. [secret track]

* This song! <3! Reminds me of Jyoushaken, lyrically. And the title, lol.
** Okay, this is the title of one of my favourite movies EVER. And I know that St Elmo's Fire is also the name of some electrical phenomenon, but I prefer to think of it in connection to the movie XD

Not sure if anyone wanted this, but thought I'd upload it anyway because I love this album SO MUCH.
Really this album is definitely #1 in my Top Ten Albums in 2010 list.
Split it into two zips because my connection kept timing out when I try to do it in one.

[edit] I have bridge and rockin'on JAPAN (Jan 2011) issues that I was thinking of scanning, but not a lot of people seemed to take the MUSICA scans, so I thought I'd ask first if anyone actually want them? Since it takes time (which I don't have a lot of) to do the scanning, I guess it makes sense to ask first. Either way, I'll probably continue scanning whatever flumpool items I have in hand, since they're more in demand? (And they're less of a hassle to scan,since they're usually in lesser pages than Bump in the mags I have)
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[Letter to an Astronaut / Motorcycle]
320 kpbs, mp3

01. 宇宙飛行士への手紙 [Uchuu-Hikoushi e no Tegami / Letter to an Astronaut]
02. モーターサイクル [ Motorcycle]
03. good friends
04. *secret track* 油 [Abura / Oil]


CD List

Jan. 2nd, 2010 05:51 pm
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New Years cleaning ^^
Since I don't really have that many CDs, it didn't take that long to catalogue these.

DATE STARTED: January 2, 2011

LAST UPDATED: January 22, 2012

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Read more... )ART-SCHOOL | LOVE/HATE [2003] [J-Rock] [Japan]
ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION | サイレン [2004] [J-Rock] [Japan]

Backstreet Boys | Backstreet's Back [1997] [Pop] [US]

The Beatles | Past Masters Vol 1 [1988] [Rock, Pop] [UK]
The Beatles | The Beatles Anthology Vol 1 [1995] [Rock, Pop] [UK]
The Beatles | 1962-1970 Part 2 [Rock, Pop] [UK]
The Beatles | Rubber Soul [1965] [Rock, Pop] [UK]
The Beatles | "White Album" [1968] [Rock, Pop] [UK]

Belle and Sebastian | Tigermilk [1996] [Indie Pop] [Scotland]
Belle and Sebastian | If You're Feeling Sinister [1996] [Indie Pop] [Scotland]
Belle and Sebastian | The Boy With the Arab Strap [1998] [Indie Pop] [Scotland]
Belle and Sebastian | Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant [2000] [Indie Pop] [Scotland]
Belle and Sebastian | Dog On Wheels [2000] [EP] [Indie Pop] [Scotland]

Ben Folds | Sunny 16 [2003] [Rock] [US]

Ben Lee | Something to Remember Me By [1997] [Indie Pop] [Australia]

Bikini Kill | The Singles [1998] [Punk] [US]

Blankey Jet City | ガソリンの揺れかた [1997] [Rockabilly] [Japan]
Blankey Jet City | 小さな恋のメロディ [1998] [Rockabilly] [Japan]

the brilliant green | The Winter Album [2002] [J-Pop] [Japan]

BUMP OF CHICKEN | FLAME VEIN + 1 [2004] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | ハルジオン [2001] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | jupiter [2002] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | ロストマン/Sailing day [2003] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | ユグドラシル [2004] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | カルマ/supernova [2005] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | 涙のふるさと [2006] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | orbital period [2007] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | R.I.P./Merry Christmas [2009] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | 魔法の料理 ~君から君へ~ [2010] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | HAPPY [2010] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | 宇宙飛行士への手紙/モーターサイクル [2010] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | COSMONAUT [2010] [J-Rock] [Japan]
BUMP OF CHICKEN | 友達の唄 [2011] [J-Rock] [Japan] 

BUMP OF CHICKEN | smile [2011] [J-Rock] [Japan] 
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1. Kings of Convenience will be playing in Singapore on March 19th and in Malaysia on March 21st! Since I don't trust M'sian promoters 100% (see what happened with Camera Obscura...), I will be going to the Singapore one, I think. And maybe the Malaysian one as well, if it goes well and stuff. So I could see them twice in a month. Oh, the yayness!

2. I am reviving [ profile] popdahmati. If you like music and sharing mp3s, please join!
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Basically, all the songs included here are either covers of my favourite artists, or covers by my favourite artists. Mostly they are covers of my favourite artists by my favourite artists. I didn't include any covers of the Beatles because I have enough in my iTunes library to make 3 mixes (with lots of songs to spare) comprising of just Beatles covers. So I will probably do a separate Beatles covers mix.

Oh, and this mix is girl-centric, yeah. In the tracklist below I'm not including the original artists necessarily, but the artist of the version I first heard and loved. For example, I think it was the Boomtown Rats that first performed I Don't Like Mondays, but the version I first heard was by Groovie Ghoulies.

01 Indigo Girls - Clampdown (The Clash)
02 Allo, Darlin' - I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones)
03 Petty Booka - Lost In the Supermarket (The Clash)
04 Tegan and Sara - Rebel Rebel (David Bowie)
05 Meaghan Smith - Here Comes Your Man (Pixies)
06 Veruca Salt - My Sharona (The Knack)
07 Not Made In China - I Am, I Feel (Alisha's Attic)
08 Gray Sky Girls - You Are My Sunshine (traditional)
09 Abbie Gardner - Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles)
10 Emiliana Torrini - I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You (Tom Waits)
11 Tori Amos - I Don't Like Mondays (Groovie Ghoulies)
12 Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
13 Cat Power - I Found A Reason (The Velvet Underground)
14 Camera Obscura - Super Trouper (ABBA)
15 The Innocence Mission - What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
16 Indigo Girls - Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits)
17 Metric - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob Dylan)
18 Camera Obscura - Tougher Than the Rest (Bruce Springsteen)
19 Emm Gryner - Straight to Hell (The Clash)
20 Zee Avi - First of the Gang to Die (Morissey)
21 Tegan and Sara - Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
22 She & Him - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (The Smiths)

-> CLICK HERE to download
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1. I've been going over my budget over and over again, and I think there is no way I could afford the Eurotrip (even if it has been cut so short it's no longer an Eurotrip) and spend a long enough time in Japan. I want to go with [ profile] arashic0804 and I really wish I could go with [ profile] happyichigo, but I also want to spend a lot of time with Akane and Kishiko and Yukie and Shiori and Junko because I miss them all so much, and if Yuki and Alessia are still there I'm going to want to see them too. And it'd be great if I could visit Kohta in Osaka, and maybe see some of my old teachers. And most of them don't know each other and I'd like to spend time with them individually and really catch up, especially with Kishiko and Akane. (Oh, maybe seeing Daisuke again would be great too - the last time we met was in 2001!) So... I definitely want to spend a longer time in Japan, which means I'd have to choose between UK and Japan, and of course Japan wins. And April is out of the question, too, if I'd like a longer stay, since I'm moving next year and that'd cost me a lot, and it'd take longer to save for a trip.

Sophie wanted to watch Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro) again before she went in to sleep tonight, which is one of the reasons I'm thinking of scrapping the UK trip and saving for Japan instead, because it made me remember the Ghibli Museum and how much I wanted to visit it again. Plus, my mom is starting to not want to travel, because she kind of spent a lot at a recent sale (waaay more than she should) which has nothing to do with books, unfortunately.

2. Every time Totoro appears in the film, Sophie would squeal and go, "Totowooooooo!" or "Look! Look! Totowo!" And she sings along to the opening theme, in Japanese. She has started to speak in Japanese now and then, stuff she learned from the movie. My brother says she doesn't speak Japanese, she speaks Totoro.

3. The thing about saving for UK is I get excited but not that much, so I keep hoping to put off the trip to save more. On the other hand, now that I'm saving for Japan instead, the wait is unbearable. I miss everyone so much I could just explode. The fact that I have to wait longer might just kill me. I hope I could persevere. (Now I'm thinking of my old art teacher in Norfolk who always tells me to persevere, and I miss her too. I kind of get why my other brother and my sister only gets close to locals. Being so far apart from everyone really sucks. My eldest brother gets to travel all the time so he doesn't have this problem of missing people. Besides, there are very few people he'd actually miss. One of them is currently in Australia and my brother's visiting him this Christmas. I'm jealous because all I could afford to do is mail presents.)

4. I went to HMV today in search of Cat Power's Moonpix, but they only had The Greatest and The Covers Record, neither of which I particularly want. I was about to leave without getting anything, but I saw the new Tegan and Sara album, and couldn't resist. I love them; hope they'd come to Singapore one day! And since the UK trip is off, I'm really really looking forward to the Cat Power concert next month - it's probably going to be one of the last big fun events I have until next November.

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