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1. On DIGITALIAN: Call me biased, but I really love Sho's solo! Second fave solo would be Nino's. And the PV Making &hearts. My favourite album song would be One Step.

2. On fic: I submitted my JE Otherworlds fic, thanks to my two betas. I'm still really hating on this fic (I keep thinking, if only I had time to make it better...) but it was amazing that I finished it at all, and it's all thanks to [ profile] showjuro and [ profile] arashic0804!)

3. I will be going to Japan in late November with [ profile] showjuro, [ profile] matsumazing and [ profile] kanzeon. As usual, it'll be a super short trip, which is probably for the best, because I'm kinda super broke (bought too many books again >_<) - just 2 days in Tokyo, and 2 in Osaka. I'll forgo shopping and just enjoy meeting up with everyone there!
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I am running out of space to keep my mags, and I realise that I hardly read through them more than once, so I'm putting these up for sale. (Some are friends' mags, who are selling for the same reason, and want me to include them here :D) Most (I think all) of these still have the posters and pinups included.

pics & prices under the cut )

If interested, please comment here or DM me :)

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