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Since we have yet to celebrate Aiba's birthday (somehow Christmas ended up with us making other plans), and wanted to watch Kouhaku together anyway, we decided to combine the two this year :)

Syiena and Hana arrived around 4, and we watched Himitsu (the latest Mannequin Five SP) while we waited for the rest, and I finished up my year-end posts. Usually when it comes to gatherings of course life gets in the way and there would be last-minute cancellations, but this time everyone who said they were coming managed to make it!

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The second of what may be an annual sleepover? This year we're celebrating Arashi's 5x12 anniversary as well as MatsuJun's belated birthday, since his birthday happened on Eid (Hari Raya) and we couldn't celebrate back then. This year is a lot more laid back than last year, with minimal planning (since there wasn't enough time to plan) - we started off watching various variety shows and played a sugoroku game that my sister helped me prepare. It's kind of funny because we used my D&D miniatures for our tokens, and our batsu games were kind of silly. Also we had a very interesting answer from Fatin when she landed on the "if two members starred in a drama together, who would it be and what would the drama be about?" square. Her drama would be a love story, a tearjerker, and a comedy, if it ever became real. ^^


We then started on Gantz Perfect Answer, which many of us haven't seen, since it was dropped by our cinemas. (-_-) There was lots of flailing (and snorts of disbelief) over Nino, and discussions about our dissatisfaction with the ending. When it was over we headed down to Hana's for a visit, since she couldn't come, and went out to get desserts from Snowflake on our way back, which we enjoyed while watching the Matsumiya x Becky episode of HnA. It was quite late by then, but Salwa took out some mags and we poured over them, just spazzing and discussing about who looked the best when. I had to wake early so I turned in early (around 1am), but the rest started to watch more vids after.


The next morning (today!) we naturally continued flailing over breakfast, watching older videos and exchanging things from our HDs. We finally took out the cake and had it as our second breakfast ^^;; - then we started watching the 5x10 concert, up until the last song (5x10, before the encore starts.)

There hadn't been time to prepare much, and I'm trying to save right now so I can't splurge much on the gathering, but I made a 2 mix-CDs with completely different songs, and everyone got to choose which one they wanted.


To everyone who came, thank you for coming, and hope to see you guys again soon! (Hopefully we'll do something for Oh-chan's birthday this year, since last year I wasn't in KL during that time.)

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Well, the celebration was actually done on the 18th, one day after his birthday. I was really impressed with such a huge turn out! There were slightly over 50 people, from what I heard. I was really nervous about not knowing anyone there, but thankfully Kak Syiena and Hana were around and some of the other girls were also very friendly. There were people I recognised from the Kokuritsu screening, but since they hadn't introduced themselves during that time I wasn't sure who they were ^^;;

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Cute containers in Arashi colours ^^v

Candy! Also available in all five colours (substituting pink for Jun ^^;)

Yummy food, if I do say so myself XD

We gave away mugs in each participants' ichiban's colour as part of the door gift. These are mine and Salwa's - Sakumoto FTW!

Not mine. I have the 10-11 tour strap, but not the 5x10 one. I really want one...

Zine project... kind of. Instead of doing a proper zine, we made blank booklets (with Arashi-coloured paper inside!) and drew, asked questions, and answered them in each other's booklets.

We also watched the AAA 2008 concert DVD and a whole bunch of Arashi clips & shows, and played Wii the next day.

Next sleepover/fan meet? Probably after my trip to Japan, which means sometime in December? I can't wait already! Although it's tiring, haha.

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Since the 31st is a public holiday here, we celebrated on the 31st instead of on the 30th. It was my first fan gathering, and was definitely an interesting experience! Soooo many MatsuJun fans XD





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