Dec. 6th, 2011 07:25 pm
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Doujinshi bought semi-recently, with the help of Shida. I love the Juntoshi the best; it's so cute <3

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Second to last day here. Tomorrow I'm meeting friends, so today's really the last of my Arashi related posts from here.

Shi-chan and I went to JFC and only just missed Arashi's video message, so we stuck around for a little more than half an hour to wait for it to play again. It was fun watching the other vids too, especially by Tackey & Tsubasa and Kanjani8. Speaking of K8, two of our friends went to Ichikawa to get their concert goods, and they're so much nicer than the Arashi con goods. Now I really want a K8 tote bag...

After JFC we went to Tower Records since I wanted to pick up Mr. Children's new album, and after that we had lunch at Yoyogi Park before heading to Ikebukuro for doujinshi shopping at Mandarake. Didn't find any Sakuraiba I'm interested in, but my Sakumoto find was perfect!

Day 12 - Johnny's Family Club, Mandarake

Day 12 - Johnny's Family Club, Mandarake

Day 12 - Johnny's Family Club, Mandarake

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Today's outing wasn't supposed to be Arashi related, but it kind of ended up that way. We went to Akiba, after which we headed to Ikebukuro to meet with my friend that I haven't seen in about three years. We shopped at Book Off (mostly manga and CDs for me - Art-School, Bump of Chicken, Spitz, etc.) and dropped by Mandarake. I used to go to the one in Shibuya and Nakano Broadway for Blythe items, but I didn't know that they had idol stuff too! (Well, back then I wasn't really into these stuff after all.)

I ended up getting both volumes of C, D & G no Arashi and Pikanchi, as well as some CDs and doujinshi. Next year I think I must save more for my trip here...

Day 4 - Book Off, Mandarake

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