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I'm glad that they did some of the things that they did at the Tokyo Dome concert, because I really wanted to see Aiba sing Ohno's intro to "kotoba yori taisetsu na mono", not to mention Jun's "yonda? yonda?... kichatta..." part in during the encore. Somehow while it was playful and teasing during the Tokyo Dome show in this one it's kind of swoon-worthy, with him speaking in double entendres.

Of course the Aimiya is precious, especially with Nino tearing up Aiba's shirt - I saw a picture of Aiba with the torn shirt in an unofficial photobook and was wondering how it happened; now I know XD - and him not wanting to sing their "new song", Lu-tas.

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Well, the celebration was actually done on the 18th, one day after his birthday. I was really impressed with such a huge turn out! There were slightly over 50 people, from what I heard. I was really nervous about not knowing anyone there, but thankfully Kak Syiena and Hana were around and some of the other girls were also very friendly. There were people I recognised from the Kokuritsu screening, but since they hadn't introduced themselves during that time I wasn't sure who they were ^^;;

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Today has been really incredible. So much so that I don't know where to begin. The juntoshi cuteness, the sakumiya dorkiness, Sho doing T.A.B.O.O., and even the junba almost kiss... *happy sigh*

I won't write a report because I was too busy enjoying myself to take notes (mentally or otherwise), but the MC part was awesome because they celebrated Oh-chan's birthday. All of us sang happy birthday to him and then Arashi sang a "special" song, Satoshi no Kioku (really Ashita no Kioku). He was so touched that he cried. Then he said since all of us are Arashi, then it's everyone's birthday. Everyone is 30 years old!

There were THREE encores, during which Jun was so cute. After they sang Hatenai Sora and left I thought that was it, but we all continued calling for them anyway and they came back out to sing Sakura Sake.

Other things I loved include the Arashi Showtime, which was really cool (Junba acrobatics! Sho speaking English!), and Jun's solo where he did the MJder Game. Love love love love that guy's dedication to putting on a good show. Aiba's solo was impressive too XD

Earlier in the day we lined up for two hours to get to the goods area, during which time I spoke to a 66-year-old woman who's a big fan of Aiba and Ohno's. She traveled all the way from Hiroshima to see them! We listened to Arashi together on her mp3 player and sang along to them (^_^).

Day 2 - Concert!

Day 2 - Concert!

Day 2 - Concert!

Day 2 - Concert!

Day 2 - Concert!

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