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DL: MF (33 pages including cover)

to see the photos, you could go to orokanadreamer@tumblr.

bonus!: BUMP's Smile, since I think I've waited long enough to upload this. There's only one track included, no coupling song or secret tracks. This single was released to aid the earthquake relief, and I think it's still available on yesasia, so if you like it please purchase it!

DL: 4shared | MF (mp3)

as usual, please don't re-upload anywhere and comment if taking :)
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DL (320kbps, mp3): 1 | 2
DL Booklet: MF

Track List:
1. 三ツ星カルテット (Mitsuboshi Quartet / "Three Star Quartet")
2. R.I.P.
3. ウェザーリポート ("Weather Report")
4. 分別奮闘記 (Bunbetsu Funtouki / "Chronicles of My Struggles in Separating the Trash")*
5. モーターサイクル ("Motorcycle")
6. 透明飛行船 (Toumei Hikousen / Invisible Airship)
7. 魔法の料理 ~君から君へ~ (Mahou no Ryouri ~Kimi kara Kimi e~ / "Magical Cooking ~From You to You~")
9. 66号線 (66go-sen / "Line No. 66")
10. セントエルモの火 (St Elmo no Hi / "St. Elmo's Fire")**
11. angel fall
12. 宇宙飛行士への手紙 (Uchuu-hikoushi e no Tegami / "Letter to an Astronaut")
13. イノセント ("Innocent")
14. beautiful glider
15. [secret track]

* This song! <3! Reminds me of Jyoushaken, lyrically. And the title, lol.
** Okay, this is the title of one of my favourite movies EVER. And I know that St Elmo's Fire is also the name of some electrical phenomenon, but I prefer to think of it in connection to the movie XD

Not sure if anyone wanted this, but thought I'd upload it anyway because I love this album SO MUCH.
Really this album is definitely #1 in my Top Ten Albums in 2010 list.
Split it into two zips because my connection kept timing out when I try to do it in one.

[edit] I have bridge and rockin'on JAPAN (Jan 2011) issues that I was thinking of scanning, but not a lot of people seemed to take the MUSICA scans, so I thought I'd ask first if anyone actually want them? Since it takes time (which I don't have a lot of) to do the scanning, I guess it makes sense to ask first. Either way, I'll probably continue scanning whatever flumpool items I have in hand, since they're more in demand? (And they're less of a hassle to scan,since they're usually in lesser pages than Bump in the mags I have)
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[Letter to an Astronaut / Motorcycle]
320 kpbs, mp3

01. 宇宙飛行士への手紙 [Uchuu-Hikoushi e no Tegami / Letter to an Astronaut]
02. モーターサイクル [ Motorcycle]
03. good friends
04. *secret track* 油 [Abura / Oil]

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It's here!

Sep. 17th, 2010 06:52 am
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Again, it was Shi-chan who alerted me to the fact that BUMP's new PV is out. :p
This is『宇宙飛行士への手紙』(Uchuuhikoushi e no Tegami) or "Letter to the Astronaut", by BUMP OF CHICKEN

I'm so excited that this is going to be a double A-side single (and with a third song, too, which I don't think they've done before on a single ^^) which means 4 singles since their last album, and two of those singles are double A-sides, which means... an album at the end of this year? Which means... a tour next year? I would like to try to go, if it happens. (Of course, it depends on the timing and how soon they announce the dates).

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