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Because, you know, I have no self-control when it comes to books.

Kinokuniya bargain buy, Day 2.
6 books, RM53.
Actually the Three Cups of Tea that I bought was the US version, but my mother borrowed it, so I took the pic with the UK version instead.

Big Bad Wolf Sale:

16 books, RM128.
Two books I bought for my brother's birthday are not in the pic.
Got them for RM30 (RM15 each).
And 2 magazines, summer issues of VenusZine and BUST (RM1 and RM5).
Which brings my grand total to RM164.

Overall thoughts on the sales:

For the Kinokuniya bargain buy, as always, it's a hit or miss.
When you find something good, though, it's usually very good.
Like the Osamu Tezuka.
And Three Cups of Tea.
And Bakuman.
The list goes on and on.
I even spotted Volume 5 of the Buffy Season Eight comics, but I already have that.
(Bought it at Singapore Kinokuniya's bargain buy earlier this year.)
So I left it behind for someone who might really want it.
The non-fiction, which usually has a great selection, is just so-so this time.
But! I found Nippon Pop, which has Shonen Knife and Buffalo Daughter and Spitz and Cornelius in it (not to mention a page on the Johnny's senpais) and is one of the best non-fiction finds I've made in a bargain/warehouse sale.

The Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale, hmm.
I can't say it's bad because I did end up buying a lot.
The non-fiction selection really didn't grab me the way it did last year, though.
Which is disappointing because these sales are the only times I really get to buy non-fiction, which are more expensive.
But I got a lot of really good YA, so I can't complain.
I passed up on a lot of titles that I wanted, but weren't in the "right" format.
Because I always end up replacing books with the formats/versions I really want anyway, I figure I shouldn't waste my money if it's not the version I want.
Like Ursula Le Guin's Powers and Lavinia, which were in C-format at the sale.
I wanted B-formats for those.
And Cecil Castellucci's Boy Proof, which I really wanted, but in hardback, and they only had it in B-format.
I was mostly glad for the Charles de Lint and the College of Magics books.
For the former, I'm pretty sure they were books I pulled out for our 036 returns, haha.
It's like, 「ああ、久しぶり!」

This may not be the best time to mention all the books being reserved at my desk right now, including:
The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by David Levithan & Rachel Cohn
Shipbreaker by Paolo Bacigalupi
Zombies vs. Unicorns edited by Holly Black & Justine Larbalestier
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Seven Pleasures: Essays on Ordinary Happiness by Willard Spiegelman
A Guide to Folktales in Fragile Dialects by Catherynne M. Valente
Kojiki by Basil Hall Chamberlain

I always overspend on books during this time of the year.
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My stash, including books bought for others. The ones for me are:
Firebird by R. Garcia y Robertson
20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth by Xiaolu Guo
Love's Labour's Lost by William Shakespeare
The End of the World Blues by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Ragamuffin by Tobias S. Buckell

They were all RM5 each!

two more pics here )
...and that concludes the Big Bad. (T_T) I went with [ profile] happyichigo; it was her first day at the sale (but the last day of the sale). Kinda unfortunate for her because most of the good books are already gone, especially the chic lit, which she loves. We both bought 10 books total (3 of the books I bought were for my mom, and 2 were for friends).
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Seaspray by Mel Odoms
      Because hobbit librarians make me happy :D
The Fire Thief Fights Back by Terry Deary
      Because it's about Prometheus! It's the third book in a trilogy but I'll just look up the other two at Kino.
The Complete Tolkien Companion by J.E.A. Tyler
      Because, well, you can't have too many Tolkien related books.
The World Without Us by Alan Weisman
      Because this has been on my wish list for two years.
Celtika by Robert Holdstock
      Because I've been wanting to try Robert Holdstock for quite some time, and here's a cheap way to do so!
The Knight by Gene Wolfe
      Because of the synopsis, which seems interesting. And the fact that Neil Gaiman said: "If you don't read this book, you'll have missed out on something important and wonderful and all the cool people will laugh at you." Lol.
Queen of Candesce by Karl Schroeder
      Because it looks good and I love the cover. Too bad the hardback of the first book (this is the 2nd) is OP; I'll have to get the mass market.
I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron
      Because I adore Nora Ephron.
Mainspring by Jay Lake
      Another from my longtime covet list.

-> 9 books, plus 3 gifts (2 Wodehouse books and 1 L'Engle book) for RM96. I think I've gone over my November budget, but not by that much really. To think that I usually spend around the same amount, but for only a few books instead the dozens I've amassed in three days.

I planned to meet Pony-chan at the sale, but she couldn't make it. However, [ profile] kanzeon wanted to come back on Saturday anyway, so we hung out again and ended up spending FOUR HOURS at the sale. After which we had lunch at McDonalds, and since it was raining heavily and we couldn't go home yet, had a drink at Starbucks.

Today is probably the best of my three BBW days, because of these:

Magazines! The last two days I completely ignored the mag section, which proves to be a mistake. I bought all of the mags above for RM28. I love ALL of these magazines even more as I flipped through them in McDonalds and Starbucks and discover that they contain reviews of Mirah, Julie Doiron, and other artists I love. And there was a whole page on Stephanie Kuehnert's I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, which is probably my favourite realist novel this year (my fav fantasy is definitely Tender Morsels.) And the articles are really interesting. I know of VenusZine, having seen ads in my copies of Bitch, and I used to buy Bust back issues* way back when I hadn't heard of Bitch, but MissBehave I have never heard of and looks just as good as the other two. My absolute favourite mag would still be Bitch, though.

*for non-Malaysians: foreign magazines tend to be really expensive here so I buy back issues instead. They're cheaper. And it's not like I could actually get our hands on the clothes/accessories/records shown in the magazines anyway, (with them not being sold in the country) so the magazine buying is purely for the pleasure of reading the articles/reviews and looking at the pretty pictures, and not about being up-to-date with anything.
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Why Darwin Matters by Michael Shermer
Blind Submission by Debra Ginsberg
Blood, Bones and Body Bits by Nick Arnold (Horrible Science)
Vile Victorians by Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)
Incredible Incas by Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)
Angry Aztecs by Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)
Odious Oceans by Anita Ganeri (Horrible Geography)
Desperate Deserts by Anita Ganeri (Horrible Geography)
The Magic Lands by Kevin Crossley-Holland
Why Is Uranus Upside Down? by Fred Watson
Black Juice by Margo Lanagan
A Field Guide to Narnia by Colin Duriez

Only 2 fiction titles out of 12 books... not bad at all. I got all of these, plus 2 books (Realms of War for my brother, and Fourth Comings for my sister) for RM114.

This time we (my mother & I) arrived at Amcorp a little after 11am, and had to line up for about forty minutes before we got into the sales area. A lot of people gave up when they saw the line, like this couple who were behind us in the queue. Being a reader of fairy tales, I've learned that good things come to those who waitare stalwart (ha, Ella Enchanted makes me love this word), so I persisted. Plus, the queue is really nothing compared to what I went through to get Neil Gaiman's signature. I admit that having to queue to enter a sale is kind of insane, but at least the crowd control means the sales area is not as sardine-packed as yesterday.

It was a lot easier to get around compared to yesterday, and the queue to the cashier was nowhere as bad - we got to the cashier pretty quickly after lining up!

Good job, BBW - I really am thinking about jumping ship lately.
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Ah... my LJ icon is very apt for today. I had about 20 books in my arms for a very, very long queue. Well, half of the queue anyway. Daphne saved us (me + [ profile] kanzeon) and gave us a couple of boxes. The place was so packed that I didn't even get to see Anusha and [ profile] saya22 much despite the fact that we planned to go together, and getting around without knocking people over with your books or being knocked over by other people's books was really difficult.

We had breakfast with Anusha before going to the sale, and by the time we went up the sales area was already packed. It was still around 10:20am or so, so the crowd wasn't so bad that people had to start queueing to get in, though. The area was small and overcrowded, but the people were generally nice - except for this one lady who just pushed everyone aside to get to the cashier - and the staff were great. The queue to the cashier was super long and kinda haphazard, to the point where it got really hard to tell where it starts and where it ends, but the staff told us where to queue and another even helped to get us some boxes (thanks, Daphne!) because we were carrying too many books. By the end of the day I was really tired and could barely move my arms (or stay awake, really) but I also couldn't wait to go there again, because there were so many good titles!

here's the full damage... )

-> Shopping And Sales Queen
-> Moon & Stars, Chosen Street
-> Imaginary Lands
-> The Ranting Cynic
-> Dils Stop.
-> Eye On Everything
-> Kanzeon

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