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Aired On: March 19th, 2011

I haven't actually watched this episode in full, until AnM released their subs today ^^; Well, when it was aired, I was busy with the charity fics, and only watched short clips from the variety shows. (Which is actually more than what I do now :p) Anyway, the guest in this episode is Sato Ryuta! I only remember seeing him in Bambino! and Kisarazu Cat's Eye, but I do like him a lot. For the omiyage, he brought strawberry daifukus, which looked so yummy... *gets hungry*


Oh-chan looks like an ordinary person XD

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I haven't actually watched the talk part yet, but I'm loving "Meikyu Love Song" more every time I see them perform it. Okay, I'm really loving it more every time I hear it. But seeing them perform it? Makes me crave to see it live.... T_T


[vid credit: ANJ]

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Aired On: October 2, 2006

Well, I said that I will use this blog mostly for flailing, and although I don't mean to restrict it to Arashi it seems like it will be that for the most part, at least for now. I watch Shukudai-kun every now and then, but there are still more episodes I haven't seen than ones I have seen, and since it's my favourite Arashi show and I love's re-watch posts (for shows like Firefly, Avatar: the Last Airbender, etc) I thought I'd do my own Arashi no Shukudai-kun re-watch. Not that I'd have a lot to comment on - I'd probably have nothing but "kyaaa!" to say most of the time, haha. 

One of the other reasons for the re-watch is so that I watch all the episodes in chronological order, which I've never done before. It'll be like seeing them/the show grow before my eyes, maybe?

This first episode has actress Iijima Naoko as a guest. I like that before Ogura-san went in he was wondering if he'd be able to work with Arashi. (^_^) And that he said the only reason he accepted the job because he heard Iijima Naoko was going to be the first guest, haha. The food-related homework they received was to research on thick yakiniku. Back then things were done a little differently - they actually went out and tried the food before choosing the winner to present to the guest. Even the image segment was done differently - it's funny this way, but since the image thing is one of the parts that I'm least interested in in Shukudai-kun I'm glad they changed it!




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[video credit: Taiji Fansubs ^_^]

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