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Witch Week is probably my least favourite (although that just means I love it x100 instead of x300) in the series and I'm looking forward to it the most because I was reading this article comparing the boarding school experience in it with that in HP. And it made me think that if DWJ wrote HP there would probably be no Voldemort, or if there was he wouldn't be such a crucial part of the story and/or he wouldn't be the typical dark lord he is now, and Snape/the Dursleys/Umbridge would be the main villains, and each of the books would probably have diff main characters, there would be a Ron book and a Hermione book and maybe a Lee Jordan or Luna Lovegood (Luna and Neville Longbottom are more of the typical DWJ hero types I guess) book or even one on Dumbledore/McGonagall's childhoods.

Although, no. Come to think of it, Dumbledore would be a typical DWJ villain - someone that appears to be charming and good on the surface, but who is really totally manipulating the main character for his own ends, and practicing the "neglect and 'tough love' is the way to go, and also you better be grateful I even bothered to put you on your abusive aunt's doorstep" way of mentoring.

It might make an interesting fanfic project, doing HP in DWJ fashion. Hmm. At the very least, now I'm thinking of what other current popular children's titles would be like if done by DWJ.

Oh, and. Happy Halloween! And more importantly, happy All Hallows' Read :D Now I'm tempted to give away copies of Witch Week tomorrow.

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