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I am running out of space to keep my mags, and I realise that I hardly read through them more than once, so I'm putting these up for sale. (Some are friends' mags, who are selling for the same reason, and want me to include them here :D) Most (I think all) of these still have the posters and pinups included.

Batch 1 - RM 20 each
Popolo Arashi cover (red), Myojo Arashi cover (pink), Myojo HSJ cover (red), Duet HSJ cover (blue)
Wink Up NYC cover (blue), Myojo Arashi cover (red), Potato NYC cover (green), Wink Up KAT-TUN cover

Batch 2 - RM 20 each
Popolo Arashi cover (pink), anan SMAP cover, anan Okada cover, Men's Non-No Sato Takeru cover,
Men's Non-No Aiba cover, Duet NYC cover (light blue), PATI2 Gospellers cover, PATI2 Uverworld cover

Batch 3 - RM 20 each, except for Cut, Nihon Eiga Magazine, and +act mini RM30 each
Nihon Eiga magazine Nino cover, Cut Nino cover, +act mini Sho cover, Myojo HSJ cover (orange)
Disney Style Aiba cover, Fine Boys Okada cover, Monthly the Television Nagase cover, Popolo (blue)

Batch 4 - RM 20 each, except FREE CELL RM 30
Popolo HSJ cover (pink), Wink Up ABC-Z cover, Wink Up Sexy Zone cover (pink), Duet Kisumai cover
Potato Kisumai cover, Duet HSJ cover (postcards not included), Potato Eito cover, FREECELL

Batch 5 - RM 20 each, except Cinema2 and Cinema Square RM25
TV Guide, Cinema Cinema, Cinema Square, Duet blue-pink
Duet (pink), Potato (green), Potato (pink), TV Pia

If interested, please comment here or DM me :)

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