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AUTHOR: [personal profile] marineko/[ profile] mylittlecthulhu
FANDOM: Arashi
PAIRING: Yama, (mention of)Matsumiya
DATE: June 15th, 2012
NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: 1. This is a work of fiction, 2. written for [ profile] rainbowfilling using my Yama free square :D

Until You Understand )
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Oh yay more magazines, from my TypePad )

March's Books, from LJ/Blogspot )

This DW was supposed to be a kind of replacement for Typepad and a place to post backups of my fics, but I like it here so much that it's becoming a second place where I just cross-post everything :p So it's really more of an LJ-replacement, since I post stuff here that I don't even post on LJ these days >_>

Anyway, the Sarah Monette thing. After The Bone Key I read Somewhere Beneath Those Waves and I'm really in love with her writing (it inspired the last Juntoshi I wrote, although a few other books and a movie went into that fic too). I really want to read her Doctrine of Labyrinths series, but they're out of print, so I kinda begged Kit to help me order them through AbeBooks, and now I can't wait for them to arrive. Once I'm done with those I'll get started on her collaboration with Elizabeth Bear, although book 1 and 2 were published so far apart from each other that I'm scared to get into that particular trilogy until the third book is out. I don't want it to be like Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief books, where it's a long, long, long wait for the next one to be out. (The gap between book two and three was, what, five/six years?)

So. I'm kind of obsessed with Sarah Monette right now, in that where has she been all my life?? kind of way. I bought a second copy of The Bone Key to give to Kit. I think for Daphne's birthday this month I'll get her Somewhere Beneath Those Waves.

I'm trying to slowly flatten my "misery tower" (or tower of misery), which is what I call the stack of books piling on my office desk waiting to be bought. Since I'm going to be really, really broke (dental surgery. my insurance covers it not.) I had to put back all the gender studies books that I had wanted for the paper I was planning to write (now I'm even thinking of withdrawing from my course, I need the extra time to take on part-time jobs) and I kept only the books I couldn't put back in the sales floor, which were either personal orders or signed copies:

+ Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia's caster chronicles - three books.(I've read them when I was in Singapore, courtesy of their awesome, awesome library. Got copies signed when M. Stohl came to the store, but have yet to buy them.)

+ BokuImo photo book. (personal order)

+ Majou no Takkyubin, children's book. (personal order)

+ Shannon Hale's Forest Born, special edition. (With Allison Jay illustrated covers. personal order.)

+ Nihon Rettou photo book. (personal order.)

+ Sonny Liew's Malinky Robot. (It was buried under a stack of catalogues and I forgot to buy it when I was supposed to. Signed copy.)

I have to get these all by the end of May. What makes it difficult is that April's our anniversary promotion, and so many books I want, including Roland Barthes' Mythologies, will be 25% off. (T_T)

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Day 13: A character (or type of character) you would like to see each member play in a drama/movie.

characters )

Day 14: Your favorite ridiculous costume.

cosplay? or concert costumes? )
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AUTHOR: [personal profile] marineko/[ profile] mylittlecthulhu
DATE: March 18th, 2012
NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: 1. This is a work of fiction, 2. AU, 3. beta-ed by [personal profile] arashic0804, 4. for [personal profile] ducksock, as part of the Help Philippines Graphics & Fic Auction.

because you smile / a new today begins to shine )
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Day 11: Your all time favorite Arashi variety show, your all time least favorite, and why.

playing favourites... )

Day 12: Your ideal concert set list.

...but I like their set lists. )
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Day 5: A prank you think you could pull off on Nino.

None. )

Day 6: You have the opportunity to give each of the members a birthday present. What do you get them?

Presents! )

Day 7: A song you'd like Arashi (and/or a specific member) to cover.

Arashi covers... )

Day 8: You can take one Arashi member with you on a trip around the world. Who do you take, where do you go, and why?

I'm not taking my ichiban. )

Day 9: Talk about a great fandom experiece or Arashi related experience that you have had.

concerts? )

Day 10: A song you want to see Ohno choreograph and/or dance to and why.

How do I answer this. )
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I won't be able to do the meme in the next three days, so I'll do tomorrow's today, and the other two on Thursday ^^

Day 3: You are stranded on a deserted island with Arashi. Who gets eaten first and why?

Hmm. This will be short. )

Day 4: Your favorite and least favorite pairings and why. This does not have to be limited to slash!

OTPs! )
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AUTHOR: [personal profile] marineko/[ profile] mylittlecthulhu
PAIRING: Juntoshi
DATE: March 8th, 2012
WORD COUNT: 14,100
NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: 1. This is a work of fiction, 2. AU, 3. beta-ed by [ profile] arashic0804

Something Worth Wishing For )
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AUTHOR: [personal profile] marineko/[ profile] mylittlecthulhu
PAIRING: Juntoshi
DATE: March 8th, 2012
WORD COUNT: 14,100
NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: 1. This is a work of fiction, 2. AU, 3. beta-ed by [ profile] arashic0804

Something Worth Wishing For )
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Day 2: Talk about a friend (or friends) you have made because of Arashi.

But there are so many people to choose from! XD

More Arashi-related stories! )
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Day 1: Tell the story of how you came to be a fan of Arashi. Include one lie in your story and see if people can guess which part is the lie.

It started with fanfic.

A long story. )
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I don't know why I'm starting on a 30-day meme when I don't time, but... )
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FANDOM: Arashi
PAIRING: Sakumiya
DATE: February 15th, 2012
NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: 1. This is a work of fiction, 2. AU, a companion to Something More, 3. a birthday fic for [profile] all4cyanide!

Something Perfect )
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The Chinese translation of NazoDi actually looks pretty much like the Japanese version. But recently the Chinese Books Department at Kinokuniya carry these:

It's a special hardcover edition of the book, and it's 20% off (purchase-with-purchase) right now.

It also comes with this:

A small NazoDi tote!
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AUTHOR: marineko/[profile] mylittlecthulhu
FANDOM: Arashi
PAIRING: Juntoshi, (mention of) Sakuraiba
DATE: February 5th, 2012
NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: 1. This is a work of fiction, 2. beta-ed by [personal profile] arashic0804, 3. It's set in the RedShiftverse AU, which means angst, cheese and melodrama ^^; 4. written for [personal profile] sesquerdo, as part of the Help Philippines Fanfiction & Graphics Auction.

Phases )
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Left very early for con goods today. Around 6am. Thought we were early, since the booths open at 10am, but the bus to Yahoo Dome was chock full of Arashians. And the line was already up to 1/3 of the Dome. By the time we got out of the goods area, it was 10:30am, and the line had gone all around the Dome, down the stairs, and into the parking lot.

We were hungry and searching for food, and when I saw the sign that there's a McDonalds nearby I had a craving for it, so we went a-hunting, following the signs until we reached it. It was way too packed and we couldn't find a seat, but we exited it through the mall where there's a supermarket and a pharmacy, and they were completely covered with Arashi advertisements! A long, long photo-taking session ensued. Thankfully the fangirls here are very nice and let everyone take turns :)

I was tempted by all the stuff sold there, but in the end I just bought two boxes of the petite chocolate biscuits that Ohno advertised with Nakama Yukie. Got a free phone strap of the Marie biscuit from that purchase.

After lunch, we decided to find the Johnny's shop. Followed the directions that I found on this site, bearing in mind that it was from 2009 ^^; We did find it, despite the fact that a couple of the landmarks mentioned weren't there anymore, including the big Mandarake - which is now a medical centre.

The line to enter the shop, as expected on concert dates (it was the 14th after all), was incredible. Still, it didn't seem as bad as Harajuku, because they had better crowd control and so once we were in we didn't have to strain so much to look at the pictures. I entered only wanting to get about 6-10 pictures, and ended up with about 36, including pics bought for my sister, colleague, etc. Besides the Arashi stuff I got three Yoko pics for myself ♥

That was pretty much the end of the Arashi part of the trip; afterwards we went walking around Hakata, crossing by about three different wards until we reached Canal City, where we shopped at Muji before walking to Gion and taking a train back to Hakata Station from there. There was a sale at Muji where the 2012 diaries are about 100yen, so I bought a couple for my colleagues.

lots of pics )
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Met up with Kishiko and Ono-chan yesterday, and got our tickets from Kishiko!
(Used her address when getting them.)

Had monjya for breakfast at Tsukishima.
Then spent a long, long time at LaLaPort.
Glad to see Kaibutsu-kun is still showing, so we might go and watch it one of these days.
Wanted to get the Kaibutsu-kun keychain, but too expensive so I got the clear file set instead.
At least I actually use those :p

Oh. Then we collected a couple of pamphlets from AU shop.
And Nihon Rettou chirashi for [personal profile] arashic0804 and [ profile] sharksoul24.
(Only a very small Aiba pic on it though.)

Salwa shopped a lot at Uniqlo :D
I got a Snoopy tupperware for Kit at Village Vanguard, since she loves Peanuts and bento-making.

Picking up JR Pass today.
Tomorrow, onwards to Fukuoka!


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Arrived on time last night, yay.
It is cold.
And, umm.

The wifi doesnt seem to work on our floor, so I have to use the public computers in the living room.
First thing in my e-mail last night - Dr. David sending me an article about GLBT zines in Indonesia, saying its just my kind of thing.
Which it is, I guess.
He knows me well. ^^;
Then he asked if I will go to registration this Sunday, for the next semester.
Uh oh.

Going out with Kishiko and Salwa for monjya, then to Lalaport Toyosu.
Kishiko said I would like it.
I wonder why it sounds so familiar.



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I'm going to Japan this Tuesday. I'll be there until the 26th, during which I will probably mostly post here or in my tumblr. Right now I'm just extremely under-prepared, which stresses me out. Trying to finish major deadlines at work (we have to speed up the February issue of Bookmark because of CNY holidays, and I have to prepare the month's BookWeb posts in advance, among other things) and trying to plan the trip at the same time just makes me end up with nothing done. Well, I'm almost done with work, actually - it's the trip that had taken the backseat. >_>

But I'm meeting some old friends and a couple of new ones, and even an ex, maybe. So... it should be fun, right? Right.

...I'm still panicky. Where's that copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide when I need it.
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AUTHOR: [personal profile] marineko/[ profile] mylittlecthulhu
PAIRING: Sakuraiba, Juntoshi
DATE: January 7th, 2012
NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: This is a work of fiction
CHAPTER SUMMARY: Aiba and Ohno Makes With the Plans. More Flashbacks! Will Nino Succeed in Meeting Oguri Tetsuya? Also: Tips On How To Behave When You Meet A Goddess. Failing to Appear Except In Mention: Sakurai Sho ^^;

Chapter Forty )

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